Adelaide wall tiles

If your looking for great kitchen wall tiles in Port Adelaide or the greater Adelaide area then don’t overlook Tiles Showroom. We just don’t sell wall tiles – we live wall tiles.

Wall tiles special effect

These days we do so much of our living in and around the kitchen tiling is not just about function. Tiles, especially wall tiles can add that powerful intangible called “atmosphere”. In the middle-ages you wouldn’t want to work in a kitchen. It was a place of drudgery. But these days its the hub of family and social life.

When you turn up to that dinner party you might be surprised when your friends ask if you’d like a glass of red wine and then kindly ask if you’d peel the potatoes. It’s not only eating food that is a highly social act but its now preparing food.

Just look at the reality TV cooking shows. Somehow kitchens have become a creative forum and a place where you want to be. Usually kitchens were the place at parties where the fringe dwelt. Now-a-days they are the hub for the in-crowd!

There is a movement that puts form on par with function in the kitchen. Lighting, artwork and wall tiles create atmosphere. Wall tiles can drag amazing colour, texture and shape to define the kitchen space (in spatial terms and perceptual terms).

Marble tiles

The luxury of marble tiles

Tiles add tone, mood and texture

Tiles add tone, mood and texture