Bathrooms are truly a unique room of the house. They are usually smaller, have different lighting requirements, need to handle traffic and of course need to cope with water day in day out, year in year out.

Choosing tiles for the bathroom is an art. There’s no real right or wrong. You’ve got to choose something you like. But be warned. you’ll need to observe a few practicalities.

As with other rooms in the house you can choose from ceramics, porcelain or stone tiles. The important consideration is how these cope with water.

The great all round bathroom tile is ceramic tile.  Unglazed ceramic tiles come non-slip and provide a really natural earthy look.   If you want colour then you’ll probably have to choose glazed ceramic tiles. The added bonus is that you’ll then be able to choose from a range of finishes including gloss and satin. And yes there’s also the choice of matt.

If you are concerned about the propensity for stone tiles to stain (and to a lesser degree unglazed ceramics) consider  porcelain. Porcelain is  non-porous – great for wet areas.

Stone tiles can be very attractive but they often – almost always cry out to be sealed. This might become a regular maintenance job.

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