The ecology of tiles

It’s not just cost factors that determine your choice of floor coverings. We’ve got clients who weight environmental issues above what their floor covering is going to cost in terms of materials and installation.

To avoid petroleum based flooring in your home go for ceramic tiles. Carpet and vinyl flooring (including vinyl tiles)  are largely oil based. To many people they smell.   This is especially true when newly layed. These coverings  continue to give off vapors for many years. Many believe these emissions  become part of your body.

You should also note that ceramics are not a low energy product. The production of tiles uses huge quantities of  energy .  You need to offset the production costs on the  envronment with the fact that tiles should last for decades or in some cases centuries. That durability makes tiles a good environmental option when comparing with vinyl and carpet.

What happens to old carpet.  Is it burned or used for landfill? Yes, both of the above.

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